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Monthly Archives October 2012

SBA Loans and Personal Credit Scores

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SBA does not publish definitive thresholds for borrower credit scores. Prior personal bankruptcy does not cause a borrower to be ineligible to receive an SBA loan. Experience shows, however, that personal credit scores of 650+ are, generally, approved by SBA. Personal credit scores between 600 and 650 usually necessitate a discussion of issues enco...

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SBA 7(a) Eligibility – An Overview

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When SBA’s Denial of Liability on a 7(a) Guaranty is Justified: Introduction to Eligibility With the exception of PLP loans deemed to be ineligible under applicable federal law or SBA policies and regulations, generally, the Agency does not deny liability on a 7(a) Loan guaranty unless a lender’s noncompliance with program guidelines caused...

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