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Who We Are

Who We Are 

Prudent Lenders is a Lender Service Provider (LSP) that enables lending institutions to offer SBA loan programs to the businesses it serves in a prudent manner: one that minimizes risk and overlooked loan opportunities. Created by two of the largest and most innovative SBA lenders in the U.S., Prudent Lenders has a combined staff of over 200 in-house SBA lending experts, forming one of the most experienced small business lending teams in the country. With our partnership, you can grow your customers, grow your communities, and rest assured your SBA guarantee remains intact.

Founded in 1978, CDC Small Business Finance (CDC) is a non-profit intermediary specializing in providing access to capital for small businesses through a range of programs and services primarily delivered in California, Arizona and Nevada.

CDC is the nation’s number-one SBA 504 lender with a loan portfolio valued over $2.0 billion and tops the nation in the SBA’s Community Advantage loan program. CDC is a designated Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) and has provided over $13 billion in capital to over 11,000 entrepreneurs since its formation.


New York Business Development Corporation (NYBDC) was established in 1955 and has, throughout its history, placed innovation in serving small business in the forefront. Together with its affiliates The 504 Company and Excelsior Growth Fund, NYBDC has provided over $3.0 billion in capital to over 7,000 small business owners in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania since its creation.

Today, NYBDC and its affiliates offer a variety of financing programs supported by the SBA as well as state agencies, local municipalities, and private corporations.

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