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Introducing the SBA 7(a) Servicing Specialist Training Program

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How to ensure that your SBA loan servicing team and procedures meet highest audit standards — especially problem loans

Introducing the SBA 7(a) Servicing Specialist Training Program: An 8-week program your staff can complete on their own schedules — plus receive professional certification

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Join our Expert Instructor:

Lance SextonLance Sexton

Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer

Prudent Lenders, LLC

Lance Sexton has a long history of working with small businesses and educating small business owners and students related to Entrepreneurship and SBA Loan Origination, Servicing, and Liquidation.

Lance has 30 years of experience in the origination, servicing, and liquidation of SBA Loans, ten years of experience directly managing portfolios of SBA loans that are both performing and non-performing, and six years of experience as a small business owner. He has served as Vice President, Senior Vice President, and Executive Officer of three community banks building and managing SBA portfolios at each bank. Lance also was a faculty member of the Sam M Walton College of Business at the University of Arkansas teaching entrepreneurship courses.

Lance also served as Deputy Director of the SBA Little Rock Commercial Loan Servicing Center managing the Servicing of SBA Loans, the liquidation of SBA Express Loans, and the Liquidation of SBA 504 loans in a 24 state area.

Currently Lance is the Executive Vice President Chief Operating Officer of Prudent Lenders LLC, a lender service provider for SBA participant banks.

About the Program

As you know, safely servicing SBA loans requires knowledge and discipline. Even well-performing loans need to be handled according to strict protocols, but it’s the problem loans that often trip up SBA loan teams, especially less experienced team members. If you’d like to insure that your team can handle the wide range of SBA loan challenges competently and confidently, please consider the SBA 7(a) Servicing Specialist Certificate Training Program.

This training program teaches your team members standard best protocols for servicing SBA loans, as well as how to recognize potential problem loans and promptly act to reduce your risk.

In addition, this training course helps you:

* Increase your SBA audit ratings
* Increase the performance level of your SBA loans
* Reduce the incidence of non-performing loans and the need for repairs.
* Ensure your team’s rapid response following SBA SOP 5057 in case of non-performance.
* Reduce risk and insure federal guaranty consistency
* Provide your team high-level training, plus professional certification in this critical skill set
* Special live Office Hours teleconference coaching sessions with expert/instructor Lance Sexton to answer questions from participants

Best of all, this training is only $1,195 per participant (only $995 for registrations made before December 31st; multiple registrations from the same organization each receive an additional $100 discount).

Here’s what your team will learn during this eight-week (about 20-hours) program

Week 1
Liquidation Plan
How to put a loan into liquidation
Working with the Borrower
Post Default Site Visit
Liquidation Plan 1st Half
Liquidation Plan 2nd Half

Week 2
Litigation Plan
When do you need a Litigation Plan?
When does the Litigation Plan need approval?
Working with Legal Counsel on the Litigation Plan.
Preparing the Litigation Plan 1st Half
Preparing the Litigation Plan 2nd Half
Getting the Litigation Plan Approved
Receivership Request

Week 3
CPC Issues
CPC Expenses and Reimbursement
What types of Expenses are recoverable?
What types of expenses are non-recoverable?
When can you submit your recoverable expenses?
How do you account for CPC expenses?
The CPC Expense Tabs

Week 4
Collateral Issues
Sale and Release of Collateral
Abandoning Collateral
Workouts 1
Workouts 2

Week 5
Offer in Compromise
When is an Offer in Compromise Appropriate?
What makes an OIC reasonable in SBA terms?
The Steps to preparing and Presenting an OIC I
The Steps to preparing and presenting an OIC 2
The SBA Approval process and what they consider in the OIC decision.

Week 6
Short Sale and Releases
Considerations for considering acceptance of a Short Sale I
Considerations for considering acceptance of a short Sale II
No Consideration Lien Release
Abandoning Collateral
Environmental Issues in Collateral Release.

Week 7
Purchase Demand Kit Tabs
Preparing the Purchase Demand Kit Tabs 1-2
Preparing the Purchase Demand Kit Tabs 3-5
Preparing the Purchase Demand Kit Tabs 6-7
Preparing the Purchasing Demand Kit Tabs 8-10
Submitting you request for guaranty purchase and monitoring the process.

Week 8
Charge Offs and Hot Issues
Wrap Up Report
Charge Off Consideration
SBA Intensive Servicing Hot Issues – Lender Preference and Competing Non-SBA Loans
SBA Intensive Servicing Hot Issues – Obtaining REO Prior to SBA Purchase of Guaranty
Where in the world do you submit everything?

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