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What are the Critical steps a Prudent Lender must do as a SBA Loan Approaches 60 days Delinquent?

Tuesday, 2:00PM EST, June 17th 2014

Price: $289

Length: Approximately 75 minutes

One of the most critical times to understand proper SBA Servicing is when your SBA Loan becomes a non-performing loan. Not properly servicing a non-performing SBA loan could result in a repair of the guaranty or possibly a denial of the SBA guaranty. There are several areas of servicing that need to be addressed in properly servicing a non-performing SBA loan.

Moving a SBA loan into liquidation status is clearly defined by SBA and there are a number of actions a lender must perform.

It is important to note that after a loan is put into liquidation status, the loan can be moved back into regular status if the borrower brings the loan current and keeps the loan current for a period of time.

Join former SBA Little Rock Servicing Deputy Director and Coleman webinar instructor Lance Sexton, as he covers all of the actions you must perform as the 60 day trigger approaches.

Understanding all the steps as a loan moves toward and past the 60 day threshold is critical to protect your SBA loan guaranty.

The webinar will address both SBA 7(a) and SBA 504 loan requirements.

Topics covered include

  1. Liquidation status 101 – Triggers that put the SBA loan in liquidation.
  2. Notifying SBA – How to notify SBA of the numerous actions you must take.
  3. SBA Loan Servicing Matrix – Specific attention will be given to the SBA Loan Servicing Matrix for loans approaching 60 days past due.
  4. Site Visits 101 – A thorough analysis of prudent lender site visit responsibilities. What you must do to document collateral. What do to if collateral is missing.
  5. Reviewing the loan file for loan closing compliance – What to do if there is a documentation problem.
  6. Borrower Interaction 101 – How to manage the borrower during this transitional phase.
  7. Care and Preservation of Collateral – Steps SBA required you to take to avoid a repair.
  8. Liquidation Plan – When you should prepare the liquidation plan and how to obtain SBA’s approval.
  9. Application of payments – What do you do when a loan in default makes a payment.
  10. Purchase Demand from SBA 101 – When and How.
  11. CPC Expenses – What is prudent and acceptable? How do you approval? How do you document and get reimbursed?

Who Should Attend?

  1. Small Business Banking Managers
  2. Loan Workouts Specialists
  3. SBA Loan Workout Specialists
  4. Chief Credit Officers


Questions are encouraged. There are two ways to ask a question. The first is to ask the question via the chat box on the GoToWebinar dashboard. The second way is to send an email to

Also, feel free to ask pre-webinar questions.

Certificates of Participation

All Coleman Webinar attendees will receive a certificate of participation. This documents your continuing education history for your regulators. Also, this documents the answer for SBA’s Review question of continuing staff education.

We will automatically forward a certificate of participation for those who are registered to attend the webinar via GoToWebinar.

If you have purchased the unlimited site license and would like certificates for all who attend simply forward their names and email addresses to She will email the certificates to all attendees.

Join our Expert Instructor:

Lance SextonLance Sexton

Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer

Prudent Lenders, LLC

Lance Sexton has a long history of working with small businesses and educating small business owners and students related to Entrepreneurship and SBA Loan Origination, Servicing, and Liquidation.

Lance has 30 years of experience in the origination, servicing, and liquidation of SBA Loans, ten years of experience directly managing portfolios of SBA loans that are both performing and non-performing, and six years of experience as a small business owner. He has served as Vice President, Senior Vice President, and Executive Officer of three community banks building and managing SBA portfolios at each bank. Lance also was a faculty member of the Sam M Walton College of Business at the University of Arkansas teaching entrepreneurship courses.

Lance also served as Deputy Director of the SBA Little Rock Commercial Loan Servicing Center managing the Servicing of SBA Loans, the liquidation of SBA Express Loans, and the Liquidation of SBA 504 loans in a 24 state area.

Currently Lance is the Executive Vice President Chief Operating Officer of Prudent Lenders LLC, a lender service provider for SBA participant banks.

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2) Call Customer Service at 818-790-4591 extension 1
3) Fax the order form to: 818-790-7859
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