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The Prudent Lenders Fast Track Process

Moving Fast

The Prudent Lenders Process integrates previously disparate functions of SBA programs into one cohesive service model, including marketing, assistance with SBA eligibility review, processing, underwriting, closing, servicing, and post-closing loan review.

The implementation of this integrated model increases exposure to the SBA 7a and Community Advantage Programs with speed, simplicity, and peace of mind.

Fast Track Process


Prudent Lenders technology and personnel platform is designed to coordinate and facilitate a “45-day from handshake to close” model within the following timeframes:

Initial Eligibility Assessment: 24 hours

  • Credit Underwriting: 5 days
  • Processing: 5 days
  • Agency Processing: 5 days
  • Closing: 5 days
  • Post Closing Loan Review: shortly after initial disbursement


Our model helps train community lenders to identify SBA opportunities and utilize internal business development networks at origination; thereafter, Prudent Lenders streamlines management of the SBA loan program from loan processing through the each subsequent phase in the life of each loan.

  • Identify Opportunities
  • Streamlined Management
  • Ease of Use
  • Workforce Training
  • Workplace Efficiency

Peace of Mind:

Government guaranteed lending, including SBA loan programs, can challenge community lenders with the many potential pitfalls which may lead to a full denial of the guarantee, or significant “repairs”, and which may arise prior to closing, at the closing table, or at the various post-closing phases including servicing or liquidation.

  • Ensure SBA Regulations Compliance
  • Avoid Challenges and Pitfalls
  • Mitigate Risk
  • Uniform Delivery Service

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