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PrudentLenders Smart Software assists lenders in determining SBA eligibility and underwriting considerations through a series of questions and data input. This allows lenders to quickly assess their borrowing needs and take the next step towards SBA approval. Register online and start your assessment today.

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Secondary Market Sales Analysis

Secondary Market Sales Analysis

Asset Growth versus Non-interest Fee Income

The decision to sell SBA 7(a) or SBA Community Advantage loans on the secondary market versus increasing assets can easily be compared by our interactive spreadsheet. This information allows lenders to input loan volume, average loan amounts, cost of funds and a number of other important considerations when making the decision to sell SBA loans on the secondary market or keep within the portfolio.  We have developed a model that allows for lenders to develop a sustainable SBA program with minimal loan volume levels. Whether making one SBA 7(a) loan or twenty SBA 7(a) loans, your costs are determined on a loan-by-loan basis.

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Set up a Profitable SBA 7(a) Department

Are you wondering what the answers are to the following questions? Prudent Lenders has the knowledge and experience to help!

  • What loan volume must I generate to have a sustainable SBA 7(a) program?
  • What staffing requirements do I need?
  • How do I change my credit policy to incorporate SBA 7(a) lending?
  • Portfolio Growth versus Non-Interest Fee Income
  • Loan Loss Provisions