What is a Lender Service Provider (LSP)?

Prudent Lenders is a lender service provider (LSP). That means we’re here to help financial institutions like yours implement and manage the U.S. Small Business Administration loan programs.

As an LSP, Prudent Lenders is your SBA lending department. We take care of everything from loan underwriting through servicing so you have time to focus on growing your client base.

Unlock the Benefits of an LSP Partnership

Create an additional revenue source

Turning away fundable customers is expensive, and saying “no” to a loan request may mean waving goodbye to your customer’s business entirely. Partnering with an LSP to offer SBA loan programs makes it possible to avoid closing the door on small business clients while also providing your institution with an additional revenue source.

Ensure SBA compliance

The SBA comes with its own set of rules and regulations. Learning these ins- and-outs takes considerable time and resources. We stay current on all regulations and changes on your behalf; and so you can rest assured knowing your loans comply and your guarantees are maintained.

Reduce SBA lending startup and maintenance costs

Partnering with an LSP like Prudent Lenders allows you to retain a modest staff and avoid the fixed costs and ramp-up period generally required when setting up an in-house SBA department. This means you’re able to start making SBA loans immediately.

The wise way to do SBA lending

Align with Prudent Lenders’ 200+ SBA lending and customer service experts and your SBA guarantee will remain intact as the highest and most exacting SBA standards are maintained. Plus, you won’t need to fluently speak the SBA’s language as we’ll translate every step of the way.

When you partner with Prudent Lenders, you can focus on growing your SBA loan client base and let us do the rest!

“The Fast Track Assessment has drastically reduced the time our team spends on determining SBA eligibility. With their partnership, we’re able to promptly respond to borrowers and cut down time spent on ineligible applicants.”

Rachel Baldini

Vice President, Director of Lending First State Community Loan Fund

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