Serve Small Business Customers That Fall Outside Your Conventional Credit Box

Whether you’re looking to expand your product offerings or to build relationships with potential and long standing customers, the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) loan programs allow you to better serve your small business customers and increase your institution’s growth potential. Partnering with Prudent Lenders enables banks, credit unions and other lenders to immediately experience the following benefits:

Serve small business customers that fall outside your credit box

Don’t turn away a borrower who doesn’t meet your institution’s existing loan requirements. SBA products provide a path to financing and an opportunity for you to meet their needs (and, grow your portfolio!).

Expand your portfolio and increase profitability

Offering a wider array of loan products is a win-win for lenders and their small business customers. Borrowers have more options for financing and lenders have greater resources to increase loan volume, market share and profitability.

Receive SBA credit enhancement

The SBA’s guarantee provides a credit enhancement allowing lenders to capture and close loans that fall outside their current (conventional) credit box. Meanwhile, your customers benefit from favorable rates, lower down payments and longer repayment terms.

Increase customer loyalty and retention

Saying “no” to a loan request may mean waving goodbye to the client’s business entirely. SBA loan programs make it possible to avoid closing the door on small businesses while providing lenders with an additional revenue source.

Help communities thrive and grow

By providing more borrowers with access to capital, you’ll directly invest in your local economy and job creation.

Access exclusive SBA business resource networks

Prudent Lenders provides a wealth of resources to lenders, including training from SBA experts and connections with the SBA affiliated network. With Prudent Lenders, our network is your network.
“The Fast Track Assessment has drastically reduced the time our team spends on determining SBA eligibility. With their partnership, we’re able to promptly respond to borrowers and cut down time spent on ineligible applicants.”

Rachel Baldini

Vice President, Director of Lending First State Community Loan Fund

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