Let Us Do the Heavy Lifting When It Comes to SBA Lending

Our unique process makes it easy for you to offer U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) loan programs to your small business customers. That’s because we take comprehensive care of loan processing, underwriting, closing and servicing. We save you time and money so you can focus on growing your client base and local community.

1. Processing and SBA Approval

Our unique loan intake process keeps underwriting, submission and approval times to a minimum.

Fast Track Assessment (FTA)

The process begins with our proprietary Fast Track Assessment tool – the industry’s fastest, most efficient way to prescreen for SBA eligibility. You receive the information needed to determine eligibility within two business days, drastically reducing time and resources spent on ineligible applicants.

Underwriting & Approval

As experts in SBA lending guidelines, we work hand-in-hand with your team to collect necessary documents and forms needed for full underwriting and SBA submission. Once the final loan has been approved, our team submits your borrower’s loan application to the SBA.

2. Closing

You and your borrower receive expert legal guidance throughout each loan closing, ensuring all parties successfully navigate unique SBA requirements. We provide ongoing support to see every loan through to closing, including more complex deals such as multiple disbursement loans.

3. Servicing

Your borrower’s loan is serviced for the duration of its lifetime to ensure all documents are properly maintained. You’ll also receive support to maintain your portfolio to adhere with SBA requirements, and to conduct loan modifications as necessary.

Take advantage of additional Prudent Lenders’ services such as loan reviews and intensive servicing for special assets. Our team is also available to review existing loan portfolios, to assist lenders in audit preparation, and complete secondary market loan sales.

“The Fast Track Assessment has drastically reduced the time our team spends on determining SBA eligibility. With their partnership, we’re able to promptly respond to borrowers and cut down time spent on ineligible applicants.”

Rachel Baldini

Vice President, Director of Lending First State Community Loan Fund

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