The Wise Way To
Do SBA Lending

Prudent Lenders is a lender service provider that empowers financial institutions to launch and manage SBA loan programs immediately, effectively, and without any fixed costs.

Keep the Door Open
For Your Customers

Becoming an SBA lender gives you an opportunity to expand your product offerings and build relationships with potential and long-standing customers.

Your SBA Lending Department

Our team manages loans you source from underwriting to servicing. Yours focuses on growing your client base and the communities your institution serves.


Experience shorter underwriting and approval times with our proprietary Fast Track Assessment prescreening process.


Receive expert closing and legal support on every loan – no matter how complex.


Ensure your portfolio is maintained in adherence with the SBA’s requirements.

SBA Eligibility Screening In a Snapshot

Our proprietary Fast Track Assessment tool is the fastest, most efficient way to prescreen for SBA eligibility.

Unparalleled Experience in
Growing SBA Portfolios

Prudent Lenders draws on the experience of Pursuit (formally known as NYBDC) to process and service your SBA loans. With a multi-billion dollar loan portfolio, we have extensive experience in maintaining the highest SBA standards.

Rachel Baldini

Vice President, Director of Lending
First State Community Loan Fund

“The Fast Track Assessment has drastically reduced the time our team spends on determining SBA eligibility. With their partnership, we’re able to promptly respond to borrowers and cut down time spent on ineligible applicants.”

Jeremy Hodgson

Vice President, Loan Officer
Commerce Bank of Arizona

“The Prudent Lenders team is always there to talk through questions we have on any specific deal. We trust in and rely upon their experience to guide us through the entire SBA process. Even as a small community bank we’re able provide the full suite of SBA loan programs through our partnership with Prudent Lenders.”

Work With an SBA Lending Leader

The Prudent Lenders platform is powered by one of the nation’s largest SBA Lenders – Pursuit. When you partner with us, you’ll benefit from expertise and insight that only decades of SBA lending experience can provide.

See How Naturally SBA Lending
Fits Into Your Business

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