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About Us

Prudent Lenders is a Lender Service Provider which has developed a unique platform designed to empower Community Banks, Community Development Financial Institutions (“CDFI’s”) and SBA Certified Development Companies to best implement and manage the United States’ Small Business Administration’s (“SBA”) 7a, 504 and Community Advantage loan programs. The Prudent Lenders’ platform allows such lenders to offer the benefits of these programs to the business communities they serve in a way that minimizes compliance risks while maximizing overlooked revenue streams.   Our model is unique and we believe it will best empower such institutions to provide their small business communities with access to capital: with marked increases to the bottom-line of both lenders and commercial borrowers alike.

The Prudent Lenders vehicle combines the processing, closing and servicing platforms of two of the nation’s largest SBA Lenders, with specialized SBA 7a & 504 Sales, Marketing & Training resources.  CDC Small Business Finance of San Diego, California, and New York Business Development Corp of Albany, New York, are majority equity stakeholders. The commitment of these organizations to a successful government guaranteed lending platform makes Prudent Lenders one of the best outsourcing options for lenders today.

You, the lender, will originate loans while Prudent Lenders will process, close, and service those loans with speed and efficiency and the added peace of mind that the process has been “done right.” Efficiency in government-guaranteed lending today necessarily requires the confidence that your lending program is materially compliant.  We are passionate about what we do because we know that the only profitable lenders are prudent lenders.

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